We are the assignees of the Khabarovskvtorresursy enterprise, which has been operating since the time of perestroika in Russia. Therefore, we also carry out highly specialized environmental activities for the export and reception of secondary raw materials.
We will cut your waste disposal costs by half!

The mission of the company "Chistaya Planeta" is to make attractive for society the waste processing and use of goods made from recycled materials. Along with the preparation of waste paper, polyethylene film, PET bottles, the company creates new opportunities for processing this raw material into finished products.

The company owns a procurement base for work in the sphere of waste and secondary raw materials handling, but also its own vehicle fleet for prompt execution of customer requests. We are also a licensed company in the field of industrial and municipal waste handling.


  • Khabarovsk, Suvorova str. 80, tel. 8(4212)41-77-10

  • Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Puteyskaya str. 26/2, tel. 8(4217)30-15-10

  • Yakutsk, 50-years-Soviet-Army str. 53/3, tel. 8(999)173-86-85, 8(914)231-48-50

  • Birobidzhan, Transportnaya str. 26, tel. 8(924)644-75-85

  • Vyazemsk, Shoseynaya str. 63, tel. 8(960)217-25-64

  • Tinda, Southwest Container Base, tel. 8(914)387-30-77

  • Amursk, Zapadnoye highway 8, tel. 8(4217)30-15-10



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